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Fatigue, painful joints and muscles, edema, and heavy metal toxicity plagued my life, my work, my spirit.  Every day brought feelings of dread. Would I have enough energy to be the teacher my students deserved? Could I tolerate the pain that would inevitably dominate my waking moments? After many years of failed methods of treatment, everything changed in 2010 following a series of Low Level Light Therapy sessions. Cold Laser proved to work the best at controlling the pain. Early retirement offered me the opportunity to combine my passions for helping people and Cold Laser Therapy. I could take my discovery and connect with others who sought alternative health methods. I immersed myself in knowledge of how Low Level Light Therapy works and obtained the required hands-on training in Denver, Colorado, to become a certified Cold Laser Therapist. I will share with my clients the benefits of Cold Laser Therapy and what it can do in providing support on the journey to better health. Because I have fought chronic pain myself, I am committed to offering a service to others who desire to improve their overall health and sense of wellbeing. Cold Laser Therapy Works!

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Marcia Hansen
Certified Professional Advanced Laser Therapist
Location: Indianola, IA & serving Central IA
Phone: 515-210-5787
Email: marcia@therapeuticlaseriowa.com
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I have been treated with Cold Laser Therapy since October 2011. I have received excellent care as Marcia is very skilled, compassionate and kind. I have an autoimmune disease that has fatigue as its number one symptom. My energy levels have improved so much with treatment. I also have noticed that I no longer get every cold and flu that goes around. I have been able to avoid getting sick even with six other people living in the household. I believe that my autoimmune disease has slowed down with cell and immunity treatment. I highly recommend this alternative therapy.

Karen F.
Johnston, Iowa

I had a pulled muscle that was unbearable and not knowing anything about Cold Laser treatments I visited with Marcia about my problem. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I received two cold laser treatments from Marcia. Both were painless and were administered very professionally. During the treatments I could feel warmth and tingling in my injured area. I would most definitely recommend these treatments to anyone.

Jerry K.

Indianola, Iowa

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